Indoor Pest Control Precautions: Before & After Tips

Pests at home can be a real menace in our family. Pests come into our space for the search of food, such as cockroaches, flies, rats, ants, and other types of insects. They carry many types of bacterias with them that transfer to us via food. These bacteria cause many diseases. To get a Pest control service is the best option to get rid of them.

Taking precautions during the treatment can prevent major mishaps. In this article, we will brief you on what to do and what not to do, before and after indoor pest control treatment Precautions.

Do’s or Don’ts Before Indoor Pest Control

Pest control products contain chemicals that are used to kill or control insects. There are different types of pesticides such as termiticide used for termite control, Larvicides used for mosquito and flies larva control, and rodenticides for rodents. Pest control pesticides come in different physical forms like solids, powders, liquids, and gases. 

For instance, before starting with the indoor pest control treatments, endure that your food, clothing, furniture, and other paraphernalia are properly stored. Here are the following things that do’s before indoor pest control:


Firstly you have to remove any large piece of furniture or appliance away from the corners of your home. This step will give ease of access to pest control professionals. Because they can get into the corners where most pets tend to thrive. On the other hand, your furniture and appliances are safe from any spills and spray on the chemicals used during the treatment. 

Clothes And Furniture 

Make sure your clothes, children’s toys, jewelry, makeup, etc are packed properly and cover them in plastic wrapping. You have to remove all bed sheets, covers, cushions, pillows, mattresses, etc and store them away. If you are running out of storage space, use plastic wrapping. Keep in mind that always cover your sofas, chairs, and tables with plastic wrapping. 

Paintings And Flower Pots

Painting and flower pots may not like chemicals, so cover them with plastic bags. Other decorative vegetations and flower pots can be left in open. 

Kitchen And Dining Area

  • In the kitchen and dining area, you have to clear out your countertops and store all your cups, plates, glasses, utensils, etc. 
  • In kitchens, sinks will be sprayed, so don’t use them for storage purposes. 
  • Cover water filters as if possible with plastic.
  • Always store food in thick airtight containers. Some types of pests can chew through thin plastic and seek refuge inside. Place things like spices and chips inside your refrigerator.


During the pest control service, pets are usually very sensitive to chemicals. It will be the best way if you can drop off your pet at a neighbor’s or friend’s place for the duration of the pest control treatment. keep the mind the following things:

  • Store your pet’s bedding and toys carefully
  • Aquariums must be covered tightly
  • Turn off aquarium air pumps as they will suck in airborne chemicals and introduce them into the water.


In the bathroom, you will keep special attention to your toothbrush, shaving razors, floss, etc. After the treatment, it is best to replace your soaps and detergents. It will be best if your bathrooms are empty before pest control.

Do’s or Don’ts After Indoor Pest Control

  • Don’t use outdoor chemicals in indoors treatments
  • Using too many pesticides can endanger your family’s health.
  • Do not clean immediately
  • Repair any leakages because it serves as an entry for pests and may lead to a re-infestation.
  • Avoid leaving paper around because it can be a source of food for many pests. And do not store old newspapers and magazines in or near the kitchen.
  • Discard any food left into the garbage. 
  • keep your house airtight for at least 3 hours after the treatment. If someone in the family is sensitive to chemical odor, that person must be out for at least 24 hours.
  • After the treatment when you return, then just vacuum the floor and avoid wet mopping for 24 hrs or it will remove the protection.
  • Kitchen counters where food is prepared should be washed properly after the treatment.
  • when you return after three or four hours, aerate the house thoroughly by opening the windows.
  • Don’t eat or smoke while pest control treatment is being carried out indoor.

Negative Impact of Pest Control on Your Health

It is a common misconception that pest control services use extremely toxic or hazardous chemicals. People usually prefer organic or natural treatments because of the fear of health problems. Have a look at the given concerns.

1. All chemicals that are used for pest control pesticides are toxic at a certain level. These chemicals are not too poisonous to humans, but, if you are delicate or have allergies related to smoke and chemicals, you should stay outside during pest control. When the smells and smoke of pesticides vanished, then only come back to your home. It will usually take 2-3 hours to go away.

2. On the other hand, organic pest control products often use harsh chemicals extracted from natural sources. These organic pesticides are health-friendly, which means do not cause any health issues, but these treatments tend to be weaker when treating pests. If you have a heavy infestation then the organic chemicals are not always suitable.

In case, if you are allergic or sensitive to particular chemicals, then you should inform your pest control supplier before treatment. However, finding an allergy to a certain chemical during treatment can be a cause for serious concern. If you feel or observe any of the symptoms below, leave the area and directly visit a doctor in a serious case:

  • Throat irritation
  • Breathing problem
  • Dizziness
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Redness or skin rashes
  • Itching that does not seem to go away


Pest control service removes the pests from the house, but before hiring a pest control service for indoor, keep some precautions in your mind. During indoor pests, control precautions help you to make a safe move for your family and your pets. If you don’t follow the precautions, it may cause serious situations for you. After the treatment does not enter the house immediately, because pest control treatment contains various types of chemicals. If chemical causes irritation in the throat, watery eyes, breathing trouble, rashing on the skin, etc then immediately consult the doctor. So stay away for around 3-4 hours after pest control.

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