How To Control Household Pests-Prevent Termites At Home

Who doesn’t want to keep their home pest-free? But we don’t get rid of pets despite the million tries. Because we do not have complete information about how to control pests in the home. There are two methods to eliminate pests from home. The first one is the organic pest control method and the other is chemical-based pest control services. We will discuss both of these pest control techniques below.

Basic Steps To Eliminate Pests From The House

Basic Steps To Eliminate Pests From The House

Identify The Pests

If you want to control pests at the home then you need to find out which type of pests are there. Like if you want to eliminate cockroaches then keep your kitchen clean, also keep all the eatables in airtight containers. 

While for flies you have to clean your place thoroughly with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Instead of cleaning, you can also use pesticides this is the more effective way.

Do Not Allow Standing Water (In & Around Your Home)

Pests, insects, and rodents all need water to survive. Hence remove standing water from your house, kitchens and try to keep all the dishes dry after wash.

  • Check your water supply pipes and kitchen sink’s pips, if they are leaking then fix them.
  • Keep your flower pot clean and dry all the water.
  • If you have pet animal then don’t get them wet in late-night at.

Keep Your Kitchen Always Clean and Sanitized

Food always attracts pests and flies. Hence we need to keep our kitchens and homes clean and we need to keep all the eatables in airtight containers so that pests and flies can’t eat them.

  • Always store food in sealed plastic containers.
  • If you have ripe fruits and any long term storage thing, then put them in the refrigerator.
  • If you have pet animals, keep their foods at clean places.

Keep Your House Clean And Clutter-Free

Pests are the carriers of bacterias, these small creatures live in your kitchens, living rooms, yard, or on your bed. They bring a lot of diseases and make you ill from diarrhea, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. So use these steps to eliminate pests from your place

  • Vacuum the affected areas by using a crack tool. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag so that no pests can escape.
  • Comb and wash your pets frequently. If it is flea, talk to your doctor about flea medicine. 
  • Get rid of clutter where insects hide, such as newspapers, magazines, or stacks of cardboard.
  • Clean appliances by unplugging them and taking them out, vacuuming them, then wiping them down with a damp rag. Be sure to let the power source dry completely before reconnecting the power source to the appliance.
  • Store clothing and linen in sealed plastic boxes or bags to protect them from seals and to protect the home from mice and rats.

Close All The Holes And Gaps In Your Home

Small halls and the gap between windows and doors are the places from where pests come inside your house. That’s why we need to close all the halls and gap let’s see how.

  • Use silicone caulk to seal any cracks and cracks in baseboards, moldings, cupboards, pipes, ducts, sinks, toilets, or electrical outlets.
  • Place the screen in front of the heating and cooling vents. Repair hole in the existing screen.
  • Keep vegetation, mulch, standing firewood, and other debris at least 18 inches (45.7 cm) from your house.
  • Ensure all cracks around the pipes and other penetrating walls are closed properly.

You have seen lots of tips to control pests at the home. But it’s not a long time effective solution. To protect your house from pests, you need a pest control service, you can do it on your own by using an organic method or if you want more effective results you can take assistance from the professional pest control service.

Install nets on windows

Put up nets around your windows to keep pests like mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, and spiders from getting in. Window nets do not just provide ventilation but will can also keep pests out. It is a very efficient method to keep insects away from your home. If there are windows with broken panes of glass, replace them immediately to stop insects from getting into them. Examine all doors in your home, and make repairs shortly for more efficient results.

Keep your garden in good shape

Always keep your garden and lawn maintenance; you can fill in holes or pits in which water can build up. If you have pond or water fountain in your garden, keep it clean. Also, trim the plants regularly to prevent wild, bushy growing insects. Keep your garden in order, and maintain it in order and tidy to avoid unwanted pests such as insects, rats, and mosquitoes.

Organic or Pesticide Pest Control Services 

Organic Pests Control Methods For Home

Chemical pest control is effective but it can be harmful to you and your family. So we have brought some organic pest control service for you.

Organic Pests Control Service For Home


Vinegar is an excellent material to have in your home. It is not just a great material to wash everything from the kitchen counters to the shower; however, you can utilize it to get rid of termites. Simply mix half cup by mixing the juice of two lemons, and you’ll have your termite killer. Please place it in an aerosol bottle and spray the mix all over the area you find termites. The acidic ingredient of vinegar is highly effective on termites when they come into contact with this mixture. It is essential to spray regularly to remove all termites or have effective results. 

Wet Cardboard

Termites are attracted by two things: water and cellulose. Then, take a cardboard and spray it with water, and you’ll set up an all-you-can-eat food ration for termites. Now you surely think, why you should set up this? If termites have already invaded your home, placing this bait made of cardboard will draw them away to an area. If you notice termites have made their way to the food, you can remove the cardboard off and burn it to kill all termites in it. You can repeat the procedure as many times as you need to get rid of termites.


Termites do not like the sunlight. They can even die if exposed to excessive sunlight and temperatures. If you own an item of furniture that you doubt is affected by termites, drag it out to the direct sunshine for a while. In the summer, it will not take long for the unwanted insects to disappear from your furniture. However, you can also install UV lamps that shine onto the area and achieve a similar outcome.

Cockroach control solution

Cockroaches feed on food left at your home and spread diseases because they carry salmonella germs. There are a lot of pesticides available in the market. But if you have a small child at your home then it’s not safe for them. That’s why you need to use organic pest control for cockroaches. See below how you can do it on your own.

Onion and Baking soda Formula

Chop one onion and add one tablespoon baking soda. Put this mixture in the corner of your house regularly. Soon you will see the result that you will not find any single cockroach at your home.

Ticks Control solution for Home

These tiny creatures can spread terrible diseases, rocky mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever, Ehrlichiosis, and tularemia fever. So to stop these diseases to spread you need to apply a solution to your body and on your clothes. See below how to make ticks control solution at home:

Rose & Geranium essential oil Formula for Ticks
  • Mix 20 drops of rose geranium essential oil 
  • 10 drops of sweetgrass essential oil 
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil 
  • 5 drop of citronella or lemon oil
  • And add one TBSP rubbing alcohol ethanol 
  • And 100ml of vinegar or water 

Mix all the above ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Now it’s ready to use. Spray on your clothes and on your bed. Ticks will not come near you.

Some pesticides to use to get rid of termites

Note: These pesticides may be harmful to use at home; if you large infestation at your home, only consider these chemical methods. Use under the pest control experts and keep away your kids and pets from direct contact.

Arsenic trioxide 

Arsenic trioxide is also known by the names Arsenious Oxide and White Arsenic. It is one of the essential or effective substances used for pest control and other industries. This compound is also utilized for timber preservation as herbicides and an effective treatment drug!! It is a heavily white, tasteless and odourless powder that is only marginally insoluble with water. It can be highly toxic to insects and mammals when eaten. Make sure not to use this substance as a soil treatment.


It is an artificial pyrethroid pesticide. At present, there is the option of three concentrations where it may be legally used. The three concentrations are 0.1%, 0.05% and 0.25 percent. Each rate provides different amounts of protection. Bifenthrin can be classified as moderate to high-toxicity for humans.


It is a pyrethroid. Permethrin is an artificial chemical that is active for a longer time. The product is intended to control underground termites in pretreatments and post-construction treatments, and foam applications. This pesticide is of moderate toxicity for humans.


Fipronil is a highly active insecticide that relates to the phenylpyrazole group. It’s used to build an enclosing layer around buildings. Termites will be attracted to the chemical, and they die, partly because of the effects of the chemical and from infecting soil microorganisms like fungi. Fipronil has moderate to low toxicity for humans.

Contact Experts 

As we know house cleaning is not an easy task and you can’t regularly clean your home and kitchen. Because in today’s world, everyone is busy in their professional life and if you chose an organic pest control service, It is not a well effective service. 

Hence we need to contact pesticide pest control service companies because they know all the details of pesticides that which pesticides are harmful to humans or which are less harmful. So if in case you can afford to take assistance from a professional pest control service, you can use this service for your house as it is more effective. Nowadays you will easily spot pest control service providers everywhere you can also book your appointment online at the comfort of sitting at your house.

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