Regular Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs In Hotels & Homes

After a long trip with your family, you need some rest and sleep. A hotel is a good place for resting and sleeping. But you need to avoid bed bugs in hotels. Sleeping somewhere else rather than your home but avoid bed bugs is prevalent and hotels are some of the best places to hang out for them. These little bedbugs cause several problems and it’s changed that they can follow you at home.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Hotels

1. Check Bathroom 

Bedbugs are likely to find in the bathroom because they like tiny places to hide and want to stay close to humans. you should check your bathrooms properly.

2. Check the Bed

How to find the bedbug-affected places you need to pull out the linens and check all the way around and under the mattress also behind the headboard. Because they seek close places to interact with the human. A bedroom is a great place for them to hide without even knowing you. Bedbugs are too small as an apple seed and if in case you spot them, call the hotel staff immediately. Vacuuming can also be one of the ways to get rid of bed bugs from the hotel.

3. Inspect the Room

After checking the bed it’s time to look for them around the bed, corners tables, and picture frames, near the telephone, are the best places to hide for them. A study says that bedbugs are found within 15 feet of the bed. Make sure to check for them in cushions and couches or soft chairs before putting back the covers.

4. Keep Luggage Away From the Ground

Leaving the suitcase on the ground or a spare bed is not a good idea because you may bring unwanted bedbugs at home because they travel from one place to another without even knowing. To avoid them during your trip keep your luggage on the Cupboard or a dresser place and don’t leave your clothes outside.

5. Move Away From the Floor

Any suspicious activity or evidence of bugs should be enough to get a new room when it comes to bedbugs. Ask hotel staff to give you a new room.

Your new room should be at least two floors away from the initial place because they can spread from one place to another via the wallboard or electric sockets.

6. Ask About the Plan Regarding prevention of bedbugs

Before the check-in ask the hotel manager about what prevention and treatment they are using to prevent the bedbugs. The hospitality industry is doing its best to protect their guest from these insects. Many hotels are proactive and work with pest management companies to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

7. Bedbugs Marks

Bites mark is a sign that you have to bring bedbugs at home with you. They usually bite in a line pattern itching or bites alone enough to confirm an infestation. If you have such symptoms then you’ll need a professional evaluation before you can seek treatment.

8. Keep Your Clothes in Vacuum Bags

This is very necessary to do while traveling because bed bugs are often taken out of the hotel. Buy standard vacuum bags when traveling and store your clothes in these sealed vacuum bags. This keeps pests from reaching your belongings and prevents bed bugs from taking you home.

9. Professional Help

Bedbugs are not a pet as you think if you suspect that bedbugs come into your house from a recent vacation then you need pest control services to conduct the inspection at your home. A professional will look at your home and around the bed for signs of the insects at your home or maybe using the dog to sniffing out the source. Once an infestation is confirmed, use heat, cold, steaming, or vacuuming to clean the hotel.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Homes

1. Cover Power Sockets

It is always a good practice to cover the power sockets at home because bed bugs use power outlets to evade extermination. They lagged up the sockets holes and hid there, and moved safely to another place. In case, there are severe contaminations, bed bugs can enter the wall through an electrical outlet and spread the infection to other parts of your home or office.

2. Notice initial signs of bed bugs

Train yourself and your family about the hint marks to identify bed bug infestation and also how to spot insect bites. Bed bug bites normally leave small red spots, can be itchy. Knowing what the bite looks like will help you spot the problem early and seek help when you need it.

3. Regularly vacuum your floor

Many people have misunderstood that bed bugs are only seen in and around the bed. But it is not true. Bed bugs are usually hidden in your rug, so it is crucial to vacuum completely your carpet twice a month to assure that all bed bugs are removed. Make sure to vacuum all beds, box springs, carpets, and floors (especially the edge area of wall and floor). This can remove bed bug contamination before it reaches the severe stage.  After vacuuming the floor, take out the vacuum cleaner bag, put it in a sealed trash bag, and then throw it in the trash container. This will deter the bugs from escaping and returning to your home.

4. Regularly inspect your pets

Same as humans, bed bugs will be attracted to your pet’s beds, wherever they will get warm crevices to lay and feed eggs. Pay attention to where your pet sleeps and check the bed and surrounding area. If possible, wash and dry your pet’s bedding regularly at the highest temperature.

5. Cover Your Bedding

Put your mattress and box spring in the quilt, such as the mattress cover. Although this prevents the mattress from being contaminated, it does not remove the contamination. The mattress cover is a zippered bed cover that covers the whole mattress. This type of bed cover is designed for non-vinyl mattresses and box spring beds.  These covers must be made of the highest quality fabric, usually, fabric to ensure durability, tear-resistance, and wrinkle resistance. Make sure that there are no folds around the mattress cover zippers because folding allows bed bugs to hide.

6. Check household items regularly

Regularly check the used items, including electronic items, because it is found that electronic items can be an ideal hiding place for bed bugs. You should periodically do a basic inspection on all households items. Before buying, please check the ventilation holes on all used electronic devices. Things such as stereos, TVs, computers, remote controls, and game systems have ventilation holes for bed bugs to hide.

7. Seal your home

Bed bugs invade your home in many approaches. These small bugs come to your homes from pests, rodents, or birds. They enter from anywhere even from travel clothes and luggage. To avoid entering these bugs, patch or apply silicone sealant to cracks inside and outside your home. 

8. Watch out for bed bugs in public areas

Yes, you can find this bothersome creature in unusual places, such as changing rooms, which accommodate a safe shelter for this parasitic bug.  In order to accidentally take them home with clothes or purchased items, hang your things on the wall hooks instead of hanging them directly in your closet.

9. Check your home furniture regularly

Inspect all home furniture thoroughly for bed bugs. Start your search with cracked or used furniture. Make sure to do a preliminary inspection before buying second-hand furniture.

How do you control bed bugs from spreading?

If you have been infected with bed bugs, it is important to prevent bed bugs from spreading around your home and other people. This can be done in a variety of ways. First, carefully check your wallet, backpack, briefcase, etc. before going out. You should also vacuum and clean these bags thoroughly to make sure there are no bugs in them. Put the clothes in the dryer and shake them well, then put them on and leave the house.

Bonus Tip

Avoid placing your bed against a wall; placing your bed against a wall will make it easier for bed bugs or other pests to reach other parts of your home.


Bedbugs can be found anywhere in different states or in a location like Rural, Urban, suburban. They can be found in budget hotels as well as four-star resorts. But you don’t need to panic about it as now you know the tips to avoid these uninvited guests. It is common to spot one or two insects but if in case you spot these pests on a regular basis even after various attempts to remove them with retail products in that case infestation becomes necessary.

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