About PestAsk.com

PestAsk.com is the one-stop solution for all pest-related problems. We provide you the simple, eco-friendly hacks that can protect your home and office space from harmful pests and rodents. You will easily protect your property from any kind of bugs. With PestAsk.com, you will learn how to reduce the number of pesky insects trying to take over in and out of your home.

What type of assistance do we offer?

  • The professional and scientific approach for pest identification and elimination methods.
  • Expert evaluations on the pest control products. 
  • Proper guidance on how to prevent pest contamination;
  • Expert advice on what to do, according to the current pest situation at your place, perform pest control on your own or call a professional pest controller.

How do we choose the best products?

Before giving the product reviews, we test each insecticide for several weeks. Our reviews analysis is always scientifically supported, peer-reviewed and results-oriented.

Also, If you want us to test and review your pest control products on our website, please contact us immediately. We will be pleased to publish genuine and independent evaluations of your pest control products on PestAsk.com. If you want to write to us, please go to the contact page. Also, feel free to ask pest-related queries to our experts.

How do we make money?

We do not charge or take any commission for evaluating particular products. Our experts review and evaluate all the products. These are exactly the products you can buy in your local store or online.

However, our website contains external affiliate links that point to products that we personally use and recommend to others. We can get commissions for sales that are made by clicking these links (mainly Amazon).